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Posted by healing | June 9th, 2016

I feeling a lot more emotion these days and I don’t necessarily like it. It seemed like there was a patch were there was a lot of emotion pain but urges weren’t really on my radar– that was ok, I guess. I decided to write as I noticing judgement in myself over what the biggest trigger for me at the moment– it’s basically a really good thing– something I’m massively proud of– the idea that I could be in the process of buying an apartment would have been beyond my wildest dream even a handful of years ago. And the fact that it’s underway is very outward reflection of all the work I’ve done to stabilize my life from the inside out. But I just signed the mortgage loan papers and really want to care for a SI– more than I want SI– I want to do the nurturing part. It’s scary and intimidating to go through this process– there’s no certainty– even as what I’m reaching for would be this big stable thing in my life– to have my own apartment– there’s getting the mortgage, which could fall through (though that’s highly unlikely) and it was just a huge, stressful decision– next will be getting past the coop board, which is also likely to be fine, but might not be. I don’t *want* to be triggered by a great thing that’s happening in my life. I want to be happy. I am also relieved that I will be leaving my current neighborhood and going to live in different neighborhood, but it’s a really different neighborhood a good distance away and I have been in my current neighborhood for about 20 years– my entire adult life– I couldn’t afford to stay here if I wanted to and I do want a fresh place to be– a lot of bad thing happened here– but, also, my whole life has happened here and it is outrageously painful to think of leaving, even as I want to go– I can’t process that conflict. A really healthy high-functioning, growthful thing like buying an apartment, too– ……maybe my brain will forever go to SI when it is uncomfortable. I’m 40 years old. That’s where it goes. It made some sense to me to go there over really hard-time things where I was in bad shape and my environment was dangerous and lots of illegal things going on around me/to me. But that’s not the case now. I can take care of myself. I can hold a job. A job where I’m very well-respected, supervise a large staff in a fast paced and demanding field. The outside of me moves on and on and on. But the inside still has a really hard time. As a teenager I was really high achieving too, but a wreck until it all just fell apart and I hide in a marriage and went into hibernation. I guess I just keep working on it all……. I’m also going to have to figure out how to accept that pain of this move, but I don’t know what to do about the anxiety of the uncertainty…..

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I give up

Posted by Catt217 | May 23rd, 2016

I have been trying so hard lately to see the good in life that the bad things in life are only temporary but I’m about to give up because no matter how hard I try its never good enough sometimes I think it would be a lot better if I just disappeared and went to live in the middle of no where so that no one could find me and I would never get let down again I think the only reason I haven’t done that yet is I met someone we r only I’m the getting to know each other stage but he makes me smile and laugh and feel special and I haven’t felt that in so long I just don’t know what to do I don’t wanna get my hopes up because this guy seems to be perfect I just wanna know what the catch is

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Struggling with urges

Posted by butterfly1225 | May 19th, 2016

this is my first time on this website, and i’m not sure what to do…i’m struggling so bad with urges and i feel as though i have no one to talk to and that i’m alone. I’ve made it about 8-10 weeks without self harm but i don’t know if i can make it any longer…i’m afraid and scared.i want to stop but i don’t know how to deal with the things i feel any other way. :( I just feel so alone..

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Struggling to keep up the momentum…

Posted by lyd_n92 | May 17th, 2016

This is my first time returning to this site in years. I struggled with severe self injury 7 years ago, went through the S.A.F.E. Inpatient & Outpatient programs, and have done so well since then, only having a small relapse once/year  or so .

However, I have had a setback lately… I wouldn’t say there has been a trigger, or an emotionally damaging situation that has made my thoughts revert to self injury.. I’m on medication for depression, and I feel as if it’s not working as well as it should. I’ve been consumed with the urge, and have finally found myself incapable of saying “no.”

I’m so conflicted, because I know I shouldn’t do it, I know it’s not the correct way to handle my emotions, and I know I should want to stop for me. Sometimes it just gets so hard to continue to be strong day in and day out, and consistently tell myself no. I have thoughts about it not every day, but at least two-three times a week. I have been so good at saying “no” but lately it’s just been so much harder..

I’m going to see a therapist again…I stopped going because I was doing really well. It’s discouraging to know that I can’t just keep the good momentum going on my own. It’s exhausting to think about being plagued by this need for the rest of my life. I know I will continue to say no to the best of my ability, because I am strong, and I am worth it, and I¬†know that.

Some days it’s just harder than others to believe myself when I say it… I’m a huge follower of TWLOHA, and I love their vision statement… “The vision is the possibility that we’re more loved than we’ll ever know. The vision is hope, and hope is real.” If only I can keep reminding myself of that every day.

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Living in between

Posted by goldenscribe | May 10th, 2016

So things have been really bad emotionally, yet somehow I haven’t self injured. Or taken up anything bad. And I feel like I somehow “should” because survivors of trauma and patients are “supposed” to do bad things to themselves. (There have definitely been times I wanted to self injure until I could not see straight.)

Sometimes I wonder if doing the self injury has any advantage—then I realize that numbing the pain is worse since when you feel it it is terrible.

I’m beginning to wonder if the repressed grief I have is finally starting to come forth. Somatic Experience is getting rid of some of it and has definitely helped me be triggered less.

Life isn’t easy right now. Thanks to my dad’s 30 years of smoking, even though he quit almost 18 years ago, he is now in the hospital with cancer and heart disease. This hospital stuff has taken over my entire life, despite doing my PhD.

I am still in regular therapy. I’m beginning to realize the patterns I have which is assume people know things, shut them off when they don’t, tell them to leave me alone or act so horrible they do anyway, and …… well, it used to be SI. Now it’s I have to sit there and FEEL it. And it sucks. And I don’t know how to go about life with zero expectations from others.

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struggling with urges

Posted by help127 | May 3rd, 2016

I have not self harmed for 7 months now.¬† THis is the longest length of itme I have gone without harming.¬† I thought as time went on that it would get easier and easier.¬† However, I have found that to be false.¬† The longer it has been since I harmed, the harder it is to not do it.¬† This seems backwards to me.¬† I don’t understand why it is so hard now.¬† Did anyone out there find this to be true for them?¬† If so, how did you make it through?¬† I don’t want my stretch to end, but I am feeling that it is going to.¬† The urges are getting so very hard to ride out and not act on.¬† I feel very alone and scared I am going to mess up again.¬† Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Anxiety or Depression?

Posted by hayley22 | May 1st, 2016

Just recently I have self harmed, for the first time ever. I had attempted before but was always too scared to do it, which made me feel like a failure. When it finally happened I felt accomplished & almost happy. Idk if it made my depression better or not. I’ve also just recently started struggling with depression, normally it’s just my anxiety that consumes me. I find that I become so depressed due to the anxiety. I am depressed & lonely thinking that I will never be “normal” or be able to live a normal life like other people. Which really scares me. Wondering if anyone else struggles with depression caused by anxiety?

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Is this normal?

Posted by Shay | April 21st, 2016

not to long ago i had one of my worst injuring spares ever and now I’m covered in healing injuries, this is the worst time ever. but every time i look at them, instead of disgust or anger or even feeling triggered, i feel this warm feeling in my chest i cant seem to place. is this ok?



Posted by Catt217 | April 18th, 2016

I need to know that I’m not alone that I don’t have to go through this alone


Feeling alone

Posted by Catt217 | April 18th, 2016

Well this is my first time on this site and honestly I don’t know what I’m doing here all I know is I feel so alone and I don’t know what to do any more I used to self harm a lot when I was younger mainly because it felt like my life was spinning out of control and there was nothing I could do to stop it no one would listen to me not my family or my friends so I did the one thing that I knew I could control and that was to self harm but I was clean for almost 3 years until tonight… Tonight I broke down and did it again I have been under so much stress with my family and school and relationships I feel like I’m drowning and again no one is there for me the past 3 years have been so hard I lost people who I need in my life I feel so alone I’m trying to be a good person but nothing i do is ever good enough at least that’s the way it seems right now self harm seems to be the only thing keeping me from going completely crazy I have no where else to turn I just don’t know what to do anymore

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